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Only 11% of executives strongly agreed that their leadership development interventions achieve and sustain the desired results. (Mckinsey survey of executives, 2016)

The Sphere of Influence™ leadership coaching program has been designed to make the best of leadership training and coaching accessible and affordable to the mid-management level. 

  • Delivering Relevant Content
  • Closing the Gap Between Learning and Doing
  • Challenging Root Mindsets
  • Measuring Leadership Growth

The Sphere of Influence™ program is a year-long Leadership Coaching Program, focused on developing the Top 5 Leadership Competencies for Middle-Management through:  

Scenario-Based Training & Team Co-ops Immersive Learning Labs Weekly Training Activities and...One-on-One Coaching Calls

The Sphere of Influence™ program benefits include:

  • A stream-lined speed to leadership proficiency 
  • Generate influence in multiple leadership directions 
  • Deploy core leadership skills to produce through others

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Are your Mid-Level Managers eager and confident to take on new projects despite heavy workloads? 

Do the results of your Mid-Level Managers accurately reflect YOUR leadership abilities?  

Can you wait 1-2 years for your Mid-Level Managers to begin generating results? 

If you said NO to any of these questions, we understand your NEEDS.  


  • Stop organization bottlenecking, resulting from the ineffective delegation of projects, meetings, and development opportunities.
  • Reduce productivity loss due to time being spent in meetings, resolving conflicts, and constant re-clarification of priorities to team. 
  • Eliminate productivity loss in “waiting” for Managers to step into a leadership role and create impact.  


Is saying to your boss: “Sorry, I can’t take on additional projects due to a heavy workload " an option?

Should you know ALL and be ALL to your team members? 

Are you able to influence even your most challenging colleagues?  

If you said NO to any of these questions, we understand your NEEDS. 


  • Having the ability to take on new projects even with an already heavy workload. 
  • Eliminate subordinates pre-conditioning that defaults to “dragging you into the weeds.” 
  • Adapt communication to a wide-range audience of internal and external customers .  

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