LEADERSHIP COMPETENCIES The Sphere of Influenceprogram focuses training on the Top 5 Competencies, that are necessary for Mid-Level Mangers to attain superior performance within their role. These competencies have been benchmarked by over 100+ Subject Matter Experts (CEO's, Directors, Managers, and Employees) to limit the bias of any one point of view, ensure that the content is relevant to the position and can create organizational impact. 

  • Interpersonal Skills: Making operations more efficient, messaging more clear and teamwork not only possible but also easier
  • Conflict Management: Empowers employees to overcome their differences, compromise, collaborate and become more resilient, capable, and confident problem solvers.
  • Time & Priority Management: Helps leaders gain clarity around priorities, become more effective with their time, and less impatient.
  • Problem-Solving: Develops a process of making sound judgements that results in action and reduces uncertainty. 
  • Negotiation: Persuade others to follow your lead, appeal to their interests, communicate with them effectively, and sell your vision—all of which are part of effective negotiation.  


LEADERSHIP LABS Our Leadership Labs provide participants with the environment to introduce techniques, develop frameworks for managing teams, and allow for mistakes to be made prior to implementing within high-risk environments.  

Participants will be able to test their decision-making process, gather dynamic feedback and be able to self-regulate behavior in order to achieve positive results. The Lab also allows participants to connect with other Leaders and build a professional network for continual support.

  • MasteringCommunication (3hrs) In order to INFLUENCE, you must SELL your ability to LEAD. Our MasteringCommunication Lab has been designed to help leaders influence their teams through an understanding of WHEN and HOW to adapt their own communication style in both VERBAL and NON-VERBAL ways. This Lab also provides participants with a practical way to identify another person’s communication style without having them take a personality assessment. 
  • MasteringConflict (3hrs) How you react during a CONFLICT can say more about your ability to LEAD than any other interaction with team members. Our MasteringConflict workshop approaches the subject of conflict as an often necessary and beneficial process in the workplace. We discuss the need for healthy and timely addressing of issues and the impact of delaying conversation. We discuss embracing differing opinions and the benefits to generating a culture of being pro-active, not reactive.  
  • MasteringTime (3hrs) Being more INTENTIONAL with our CAPACITY can help a leader stay out of the “weeds”. Our MasteringTime workshop explores the true nature and value of time while understanding the greatest challenge to time management. Participants will discuss a 3D approach to managing time, focus on what’s significant, and create boundaries that tame “monkey management”. Finally, participants will determine their personal daily and weekly rhythm and begin scheduling tasks based on when they are most alert.  


TEAM CO-OP SESSIONS (60min - 3 times per session) “A problem shared, is a problem halved…or more” The objective of the Team Co-Op sessions are to utilize the power of multiple, experienced inputs to flush out the root causes of high impact issues and to make skillful decisions that accelerate business growth. 

  • Delivered through ZOOM Virtual Webinars 
  • Utilizes Learning that develops a decision-making process while providing additional benefits of 
  • Positive Interdependence, Promotive Interaction, Ind. Accountability, and Interpersonal Skills 


SCENARIO-BASED TRAINING WITH SkillGYM The world’s greatest leaders master their ability to leverage Conversations, as a way to engage and drive people, through discipline, practice and self-awareness.  

  • Expand your leaders’ Comfort Zone: practicing will make them feel like they have done it before. “I know what to expect in that conversation” is the most common catch of Leaders practicing on SkillGym. 
  • Raise your leaders’ Self-Awareness: facing direct and specific emotional feedback as well as turning the effects into numbers, sharpens leaders’ vision of their own impact on people
  • Increase your leaders’ Learning Agility: keeping fit keeps fit. Any skills (apart from riding a bicycle) requires maintenance to perform.  

WEEKLY LEADERSHIP TRAINING ACTIVITIES (weekly during session) Participants can develop skillful habits through our weekly skills trainings, intended to keep Leaders engaged in their own growth. Through articles, videos, podcasts, journaling and more, participants will be able to increase their speed to leadership proficiency and condition themselves for continual growth.  

  • Micro-Learnings Delivered through email and reduce leadership training productivity loss 
  • Tracks Engagement of participants for Leadership Review 
  • Creates an immersive environment for Leadership Training 
  • Holds participant accountable to their own development  

ONE-ON-ONE COACHING CALL (45min - 3 times per session) A necessary component of development, this confidential space allows participants to work through difficult challenges that can be personal to their workflow, while setting and reviewing their intentions and learning critical coaching techniques and skills to mentor and coach their own team members.  


LEADERSHIP REVIEW/PROGRESS REPORTS (2 times per session) The Leadership Review process includes comprehensive reporting to participants and companies on the measurable growth in leadership competencies, as well as constructive feedback from critical positions and outside perspective. Progress reports help keep participants on track with the program, creates a structure of accountability and utilizes both subjective and objective criteria to determine a return on leadership investments.

TriMetrix DNA ASSESSMENT We utilize assessments from TTI SI, which creates assessments that help uncover human potential for the individual, teams, management, executives, and entrepreneurs. Validated by over 30 years of research, TTI constantly improves assessments. Using predictive analytics, TTI assessment tools provide data to help clients best understand themselves and their teams. Individualized and custom group reports provide deep insight into the people who make up an organization. It’s information that scientifically reveals potential and then transforms it into performance.  

ONLINE COMMUNITY Communities are a natural tenet of human life. With the growth of technology and the breakdown of geographic barriers through the internet, online communities are the new hub for innovation, learning, and building connections with others.  

  • Even with an established platform for formal learning within an organization, most employees learn outside the realm of formal training. By formalizing these communities, we can extend and strengthen learning through informal interactions. 
  • Practical knowledge about how to perform a job is often difficult to capture and deliver through traditional training programs. Communities are a way to encourage sharing of practical know-how that otherwise remains untapped.
  • Online learning communities can create an organic repository of knowledge and relationships that can increase the learner’s effectiveness

POST-PROGRAM CELEBRATION When you don't take the time to celebrate your many accomplishments, you have a high probability of burning out. Traditionally, when we complete a significant goal, we have been conditioned to immediately move onto the next goal rather than celebrating our wins, but this conditioning can undo all the hard work and progress that has been made.  

  • The act of celebrating changes your physiology and strengthens your psychology  
  • Celebrating with colleagues and business partners tightens your network  
  • Your celebrations position you correctly as a WINNER and ATTRACTS more success  

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