How effectively are you spending your money?

$12,000 per year 

  • Annual cost of a "toxic worker" (according to Harvard Business School)

$5,000+ per employee 

  • Cost of a new hire (based on 10% of $50,000+ salary position)

  •  What if you could train and retain your current employees? 

$530,000 per year 

  • Cost of lost time due to clarifying communications for a business with 100 employees (based on an average downtime of 17 hours a week) 

$26,000+ per year 

  • Cumulative cost per year due to productivity losses resulting from communication barriers (according to studies by SIS International Research)
  •  What if your team could learn new ways to communicate effectively?

$359 billion per year 

Amount wasted in paid wages due to conflict in the workplace (according to a conflict specialist and mediator

How much is wasted in your size organization due to conflict? 

$17.95 Average American employee pay wage x 2.1 Hours wasted weekly due to conflict  

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